Family-Run For Over 20 Years

Coll’s Custom Framing is a family business based at 324 Fayette St. Conshohocken, PA. We have been in business since 1997, having opened our doors just up the street from our current location. Jack opened his store at 515 Fayette St. in the middle of 1997. Brian learned the business and opened his own shop in Malvern late in 1998. Donna joined Jack at his frame shop in 1999. An opportunity came along to buy our current building and we jumped on it; it is a charming building right in the heart of the borough. We merged all of our talents together and opened here in 2001. We are very fortunate to work together everyday doing something we truly love.

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Our History

Here is a little background on how the Coll’s came into the world of framing. Jack bought a camera and started taking family pictures. From there the love of the lens grew from a weekend hobby into a part time job. He took thousands of photos for the Conshohocken Recorder and later photos for the Times Herald, among other publications. In addition to taking photos he became involved in some local groups, including a historical society. He learned more and more about his great borough, its history and its great people. He would go on to write many articles for the local paper, everything from little league baseball to the current issues as well as some historical articles.

Wanting to take his love of photographs to the next level, he went to work at The Frame Scene at Woolworths in the Plymouth Meeting Mall. There he learned the picture framing trade. After working there for a number of years it became clear to him that this was his calling and he decided to open his own store. He opened the doors in 1997; while helping him open, Brian would watch Jack cut mats and see some of the unique processes in framing. He soon enjoyed framing and decided to open his own shop. He opened his shop in Malvern in 1998. From there the family was able to see the benefits of working together. Things have been running smoothly ever since at Coll’s Custom Framing. In addition to framing, Jack’s love of photographs and history has come into play with a number of items related to Conshohocken and the surrounding area. Jack and Brian have worked on a couple of Then and Now books; these books take the reader through time by detailing the history of a particular region from the past to the present. Jack has worked on some other books of local interest. All these titles and more are available at our store.